5 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Marketer Needs to Know About


5 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Marketer Needs to Know About

These five Google Analytics reports can help you make strategic improvements that can supercharge your PPC campaign performance.

Top Skills To Master as a Digital Marketer in 2023

In this video, I’ll talk about what skills you should master if you want to become a top-notch Digital Marketer or PPC Expert in 2023. There are a lot of them and it will require a lot of time – but believe me, it’s worth it. You will have to learn Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, excel, and also soft skills like communication, etc.


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Google Analytics Behavior Reports – GA 5

Analyze User Engagement on your website using the Behavior reports in Google Analytics. Learn how to navigate the Behavior Section in an Easy and Quick way. Understand how to read the Behavior Metrics in Google Analytics. Understand the Site Content and learn the difference between All Pages and Landing Pages. What is Content Drill down in Google Behavior. Make better decisions by understanding the Site Speed. Improve content and come up with new ideas for new topics by analyzing Site Search in Google Analytics Behavior. Events in Google Behavior is a great place to understand your users clicks and element interactions. The Behavior Flow in Google Analytics Behavior section allows you to visually analyze the user flow through your website. Locate pages where users drop-off or exit.

Using 5 Google Analytics 4 Reports to Improve Your Marketing…

Marketers are always looking for ways to improve their results! GA4 is an incredible platform, with lots of potential, but it can be pretty confusing for a marketer to use. In this week’s Workshop Wednesday you’ll get a tour of 5 specific GA4 reports you can use to start improving your own marketing.

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Google Ads Tutorials: Understanding Google Analytics reports

Discover which Google analytics reports can help you understand your marketing performance. You’ll learn about:
– The Google Ads campaign report
– The Google Ads keywords report
– The Conversions report

Find more information on the differences between Google Ads and Google analytics conversion reporting here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2679221?hl=en

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