Google Search Console Removes Rich Results Search Appearance


Google Search Console Removes Rich Results Search Appearance

Google sunsets the generic rich results search appearance in Search Console.

Sept 1 Google Search Update, Title Changes, Google Ads RSAs, Search Console Data Lost & More

This week, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report – catch up there on search topics you may have missed. Google may have done a search ranking algorithm update on September 1st. Google did say the page experience update is done rolling out, for the most part. The title changes in Google continue, I discussed an idea on how to control titles, that the title change does not impact rankings, that you should not simply replace your HTML titles with Google’s titles and some data from third parties on this title change. Google Ads is dropping expanded text ads for responsive search ads in June 2022. Google Ads quality score it not changing with that RSA change but you should focus on ad strength metrics, Google says. The missing Google Search Console data is lost forever for August 23rd and 24th. Google added shipping and return annotations to Google Shopping and Google Search. Google says try to limit on rich result markup per page, there is no defined order. Google has internal tools to check site quality. John Mueller said he often uses Bing to debug issues with Google. Chrome beta can display your competitors site above yours, when a customer is on your site. Google is testing expandable search snippet carousels. And a survey shows that most SEOs do not use Bing Webmaster Tools. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:54 – September 2021 Google Webmaster Report :
1:28 – Was There A Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On September 1st? :
2:04 – Google Page Experience Update Fully Live In Search & Top Stories :
2:57 – SEOs Want Opt Out For Google Title Change But How :
4:10 – Google’s Title/Header Change Does Not Impact Rankings :
4:21 – Google: Don’t Blindly Replace Your HTML Title Tags With Google’s Titles :
4:45 – Semrush: Google Dropped HTML Title Tags Usage By 77% & Replaced Those With H1s 75% Of The Time :
5:25 – Google Ads To Drop Expanded Text Ads For Responsive Search Ads In 2022 :
6:33 – Google Ads Quality Score Not Changing But Maybe Focus On Ad Strength :
6:55 – Google Search Console Performance Report Data Lost Completely :
7:18 – Google Adds Shipping / Return Annotations To Shopping & Search Results :
7:40 – Google On Multiple Rich Results Per Page – Focus On One, There Is No Defined Order :
8:14 – Google Internal Tool To Check Site Quality :
8:54 – John Mueller Often Debugs Google Using Bing :
9:17 – Chrome Beta Can Display Competitors When Customers Are On Your Site :
10:00 – Google Tests Expandable Search Snippet Carousels :
10:13 – Survey Says Most SEOs Do Not Use Bing Webmaster Tools :
10:57 – Conclusion

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This feature of GWT is a great way to understand the inner working of basic on page optimization and also how your website may show up in Google search results page (SERP) all webmasters and website owners should understand the results of Google search because then you can create better landing pages according to how Google search displays its results.

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