How To Win At Retargeting [Ebook]


How To Win At Retargeting [Ebook]

In this ebook, you’ll find all of the best practices you need to know to drive the best results for your remarketing and retargeting efforts.

How To Retarget Using Facebook Ads – Step by Step || 2023

In today’s video, I showed how to setup a retargeting meta ads that gets your prospective buyers to buy from you

This is a step by step video that shows you the walk through to gettting the best result for your retargeting ads in 2023

Watch. Learn. Implement

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[Webinar] Retargeting Strategies for PRO Affiliates

Recording of the webinar by @PropellerAds, 16 December 2020.

Here you have the presentation:

1:37 – What can «Audiences 2.0» do and why should you bother with retargeting?
5:25 – How to set up retargeting audiences?
6:57 – Using retargeting for key verticals
13:29 – The 4 ways to build an audience
26:51 – How to retarget audiences collected on FB and Google
31:08 – Q &A Session

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“Retargeting Strategies for PRO Affiliates” with Konsta Kafkalias and Fedor Tomashevich.

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The Cheapest Meta Ad Retargeting Strategy For 2023 (Better Retargeting Post iOS 14.5)

Website visitor retargeting took a huge hit with iOS 14.5. But there’s a better option that’s working well today that you can take advantage of.

This is one of the cheapest ways to retarget warm audiences on Meta at the moment, and a great way to get started with Facebook and Instagram ads without needing a huge advertising budget.

If you’re not already leveraging Instagram Reels in your retargeting ad strategy you’ll want to watch this video and give it a try.

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I Discovered The BEST WAY To Retarget With Facebook Ads

In this video I show you how to create the best Facebook retargeting audience.

Not all Facebook retargeting audiences are equally effective.

And the best Facebook custom audiences to retarget have changed quite a lot with all the changes that have taken place recently.

Here I explain why Facebook ads retargeting has changed…

And how you should change your Facebook ads retargeting strategy to target the best audiences.

#facebookretargeting #facebookadsstrategy

0:00 What is Facebook ads retargeting?
1:06 How to create a Facebook custom audience
2:02 Which type of Facebook custom audience is best?
5:03 How to create the four Facebook retargeting audiences we use
15:17 How to add your Facebook retargeting audiences to your ad set
18:31 How to get the best possible results


How To Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences in 2022

Facebook Ad MISTAKES That DESTROY Your Results!



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