New Google Feature May Help You Find More Relevant Results


New Google Feature May Help You Find More Relevant Results

Google is making it easier to refine search queries on the fly, which may lead to more relevant search results.

Elite Dangerous News: UPDATE 15 Date, New Thargoid Vessel Revealed, EDDB 2.0 & More

Elite Dangerous News: UPDATE 15 Date, New Thargoid Vessel Revealed, EDDB 2.0 & More

In Elite Dangerous News this week… Frontier drops its first tease footage from update 15 and now know the expected release date. Significant gains are made in the fight back against the Thargoids. EDDB 2.0 is in development & more! o7 CMDRs

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DCOH Overwatch Website

Ian Doncasters Analysing the Thargoid Simulation.

EDDB 2.0


Frontiers Frameshift Live – U15 teaser stream

Dev Interview with Curtis (timestamped)

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The Anti-Xeno Academy – AX tutorial video

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AXI’s Thargoid Watch Website (AXI’s current priorities)

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Console Copy Portal Details

Frontiers Elite Dangerous 4.0 FAQ

Play Odyssey Without A PC – NVIDIA GeForce Now

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Who’s the Right Girl for Me…? ��❄️ (ft. @rebeccazamolo)

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Why is Google Showing Fewer Home Pages In Search Results?

Why is Google showing fewer home pages in Google search results?

Traditionally, we’ve seen this happen within the local space.

But we know Google is getting smarter. Instead of serving the home page, Google is serving a page that is more relevant to the user’s search intent, including product pages or local service pages.

No matter what industry you’re in, Google is hunting for more niche, relevant queries to show in their search results, resulting in higher conversions and satisfied users.

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Supply Chain Management In 6 Minutes | What Is Supply Chain Management? | Simplilearn

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Video on Supply Chain Management will enable you to comprehend supply chain management in detail. This video will equip you with a good understanding of What Is Supply Chain Management using Apple INC’s case study. The case study will emphasize the iPhone 13 pro’s supply delays and production cut. You will also learn about the reasons behind the production cut and how a sleek supply chain management strategy can be created.

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✅What Is Supply Chain Management?
The term supply chain is a connected network of individuals, organizations, resources, activities, technologies involved in the manufacturing and sales of a product or service. Companies develop supply chains so that they can reduce their costs and remain competitive in the business landscape.

✅What Are The Stages of Supply Chain Management?
Five stages altogether formulate a supply chain management strategy. You will now discover them in brief:

⏩ Planning Operational Strategy: The main focus at this stage is to focus on designing a strategy that yields maximum profit.

⏩ Sourcing: Following the planning, the next phase is to develop or source. At this stage, you are primarily concerned with developing strong relationships with raw material suppliers.

⏩ Manufacturing (Making): The products are created, manufactured, tested, packaged, and synchronized for delivery at this step. The supply chain managers are tasked with arranging all manufacturing, testing, packaging, and delivery preparation activities.

⏩ Delivery: This phase deals with product sales and distribution of products across all retail stores. It is a logistics phase, where consumer orders are approved, and product delivery is set into motion.

⏩ Returns: This last phase controls the return of defective or damaged products by consumers. This level of the supply chain is frequently a source of contention for many businesses. Supply chain planners must devise a responsive and adaptable network for receiving damaged, faulty, and additional items from consumers and expediting the return procedure for customers concerned with supplied products.

✅Why Supply Chain Management Is Important?
Supply chain management is critical for any organization. The following are some of the advantages that a well-managed supply chain can provide:
-An adequate supply chain can enhance product quality by regulating manufacturing processes.
-A well-managed supply chain can lower the risk of recalls and litigation by enhancing customer satisfaction.
-Control over shipping methods will remove the possibility of inventory overstock.
-Helps organizations in enhancing their profit margins.
-It can help attain a wide range of organizational objectives.

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