Visualize Information On Twitter With Indiana University’s New Tools


Visualize Information On Twitter With Indiana University's New Tools

Three new tools available for free from Indiana University make it possible to visualize the spread of information and networks on Twitter.

Using Observable to (get and) visualize Twitter data

Have you ever wanted to pull out insights about users’ tweets with a couple of clicks? Oh, you are in the right place!

0:00 Introduction
3:12 Hands-on Tutorial

– The Twitter starter pack (meta-notebook):
– Data notebook #1:
– Viz notebook #2:
– My first experiment:

– The “Comet” idea comes from this notebook:

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London Helicopter Crash 16th Jan 2013 – Twitter visualisation

A data visualisation showing how the story of the Vauxhall helicopter crash played out on Twitter.

Each node represents a user who tweeted. Edges are connections, such as RT’s. The size of node represents the influence of the user. Users emerge from the centre of the image, and move to the edge. As a user’s Tweet is retweeted, they are pulled back into the centre of the image.

You can observe how at first the story is reported by passers-by. However the importance of trusted news sources quickly overtakes the witness Tweets.

Witness Tweets are still heavily retweeted even alongside Sky News and BBC.

Created from publicly accessible Tweets accessed via Datasift by @TwitterAdsUK.

Interactive Visualization For Twitter network

This video was created for the Master of Artificial Intelligence, KU Leuven. It is related to the semester project of the Master Course entitled: Analysis of Large Scale Social Networks, being taught by professor Thijs Bart.

Disclaimer: This video is intended to be used for academic purposes only.